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Focus areas

ICT application in Library and Information Science,
E Content Management, Digital Librarianship


A pioneering tradition has characterised the School ever since its founding in 1961 as a constituent unit of the SNDT Women’s University. The School began by offering a Post-Graduate Diploma programme in Librarianship. Over the years, the School has evolved and started programmes which reflect the changing context of the profession, the increasing application of modern technology to well established information handling techniques. By offering a course in digital Librarianship, it is responding to the expanding opportunities of the job market.

Throughout its existence, the School has enjoyed a leadership role in the development of librarianship as a professional field. It has trained over 2000 professionals. Today, SHPT graduates serve in principal libraries and information centres in the city and the rest of the country and abroad.

Other information:
• Since 2013-2014, Online Certificate Courses in Archives
  Management and School and Children’s Librarianship have
  been introduced.

• We have a well-established Alumni Association which
   organizes programmes.

• We offer internship awards for working in the library

• Campus Interviews are conducted for the placement of
   the students

• In 2010-11, the school celebrated its golden jubilee and
   organized various programmes like ‘Open House’(Past
   Students’ meet, NList Awareness Programme for
   Librarians, ‘Infonet user awareness programme’for the
   faculty and seminar on ‘Open Archives and Institutional
   Repositories’ The jubilee ended with an interactive
   session on Library Science Courses in Mumbai: ‘Our
   Students: Your Pride’

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Our Goals

The overall goal of the School is to make the maximum possible contribution towards extending and enhancing the quality of library and information services to society. The specific goals of the School are to:

• Educate library and information specialists who can
  respond to the changing information needs of society.

• Provide a progressive, dedicated, innovative faculty and
   staff who understand and respond to the immediate and
   long-range needs of their students, the profession, and

• Provide strong, flexible academic programmes through
   which students develop proficiencies and abilities
   essential for present and future leadership in library and
   information science.

• Contribute, through research and publication by both
   faculty and students to the continuous critical assessment
   and expansion of the body of knowledge underlying
   library and information science.

• Establish and maintain a suitable environment and
  appropriate resources to facilitate learning.

• Provide leadership within the profession in defining the
   role of the profession, the interrelationships between the
   University and the practicing professional.

• Satisfy the needs of librarians to continue their education,
   by providing a wide variety of courses designed to
   refresh and update their knowledge and skills.

Our Mission

Develop technologically oriented women Library and Information Science specialists who will contribute competitively in Library and Information Science Profession and knowledge society.

Our Motto

Contribute towards extending and enhancing the quality of Library and Information Science Education.
+91-22-2207 2792/022-2203 1879 ext. 263/274

SHPT School of Library Science,
SNDT Women’s University,
1, Nathibai Thackersey Road,
New Marine Lines,
Mumbai 400 020
Head of Department
Prof. Durga Murari (Addl. Charge)

• Ph.D. in Library & Information Science
• Master of Library & Information Science (M.L.I.Sc)

Teaching Faculty
• Prof. Durga Murari (Addl. Charge)
• Dr. Parul Zaveri (Associate Professor)
• Dr. Jyoti Bhabal (Assistant Professor)
• Dr. Sarika Sawant (Assistant Professor)