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Academic Calendar 2013-14
Date Event
17/06/13 Reopening after Summer break
June 2013 Admissions
24th June 2013 Library orientation
4th July 2013 Organised one day seminar on 'LIS Profession: Emerging Trends & Challenges' in association with Burhani College of Commerce and Arts
30th July 2013 Cultural Event
2nd August 2013 Organised Half-Day Program on 'E-Books: a Virtual Reality for Libraries'
5th September 2013 Teachers day celebration
29th Sept 2013 Lecture on “Rediscovering Gandhiji” by Dr. Ramdas Bhatkal of Popular Prakashan
4th -10th November 2013 Diwali Vacation
29th November 2013 Parent meeting
11th November 2013 Semester I Examination
11th November 2013 Semester III Examination
3rd December 2013 Students and teachers attended Book Fair at BKC
13th December 2013 Library visit to American library and RBI library
February 2014 Sports
23rd December 2013- 1st January 2014  Christmas Vacation
2nd January 2014 Semester II and IV begins
28th January 2014 UGC sponsored National seminar on “New Avenues in LIS Research”
January 2014 Campus Interviews at the School
3rd February- 31st March 2014 Semester IV:   Internship Programme
25th April 2014 Semester II Examination starts
7th May 2014 Semester IV Examination starts
12th May 2014 Viva For Dissertation Work
13th May -8th June 2014 Summer Vacation